Champion Daisypurr Amazedbyyou

Champion Hyssopuss Moonshine x Champion Daisypurr Madaboutyou

Lilac Tortie Tabby Colourpointed
PKD Negative

The lovely Maisie who was such a stunning baby and I really do think that, given some time to fully develop, she is going to be amazing. She was made up to Champion following in the footsteps of her two sisters, Maisie has been described as ‘of very good type, an excellent coat which is short and dense with a lovely crisp texture and Sweet natured’

Maisie is a super sweet girl and in 2014 gave us her first litter. She has very much lived up to her name, never have I had a girl that gave birth as relaxed as Maisie and she really did take to motherhood straight away and has done a fantastic job of raising her six wonderfully natured, beautiful babies.

I hope that once she has matured some more I’ll be able to show her again and she’ll be able to fulfil her show potential.

Maisie is stunningly pretty, has a super coat, lovely eye colour and like my other girls, has a fantastic temperament. I’m very proud of her.

Here are a few photos of Maisie.

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