UK Imperial Grand Champion Daisypurr Tilltherewasyou

Champion Hyssopuss Moonshine x Champion Daisypurr Madaboutyou

Lilac Tabby Colourpointed
PKD Negative

If you had ever asked me what I wanted to achieve in my breeding, I would have described Tilly. Two years on I still find it quite unbelievable that this beautiful creature shares my life, she is very much my ‘pinch yourself’ baby.

This girl really seems to be the full package for more people than just me. She has been described as ‘lovely, beautiful, ethereal, pretty, of excellent British type’. One of her lovely judges said that you feel good inside when you look at her and I think that totally sums Tilly up.

Tilly is a total Princess and expects to be treated as such. When she was first born she refused to eat unless I was lying on the floor with a hand either side of her face so that she couldn’t be knocked off by the others and it’s not really changed! Each morning she asks for me to turn the tap on so that she can play in the water and she doesn’t care how wet she gets, she has also been known to join me in the shower on occasion..

She loves being shown and was made up to Champion in three straight shows; she is also my first homebred Champion, Grand Champion and Imperial Grand Champion and I really couldn’t be more proud if I tried. If I never bred another kitten I have achieved what I set out to do, which is a pretty fantastic feeling.

Tilly became a Mummy for the first time in 2016, she took to motherhood beautifully, like she was made for it, a litter of seven andI couldn’t be more proud of the job she has done, we have kept Tilly’s daughter Gracie to run on, she looks SO much like her, we are very excited about the future!

Tilly is the most beautiful, delicate shade of lilac, has a super coat, is a fabulous size and has a fantastic temperament – I’m terribly proud of her.

Here are a few photos of Tilly.

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